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E-Filing · All Probate Civil Action, Adoption, Name Change and Mental Commitment (except Outpatient Only) case type documents must be submitted through the. This fee will be charged through the electronic filing process. For all estates filed in probate division locations, please refer to this booklet Administering. The department is responsible for maintaining the filed records for each Probate Court case. The clerk also attends each court docket in support of the.

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so we encourage you to use our online e-filing probate program at www.ye-ti.ru, which is quick and convenient. Filing your case Filing/Probate Fees/ePayment images of court documents filed prior to March 31, will are longer available to view online on our. About; Filing; Administration Process; Small or Simple Estates. eCourts Guide & File NOW AVAILABLE for Probate: Year's Allowance, Summary Administration.


e-Filing. Jefferson County Probate Court is pleased to announce that we will commence electronic filing of certain judicial pleadings on October 1, CONFIDENTIAL CASE FILING INFORMATION SHEET – PROBATE. INSTRUCTIONS: ✓ Complete this form for all parties known at the time of filing. COVID Notice. DUE TO CURRENT EVENTS, ORIGINAL WILLS AND ORIGINAL BONDS MUST BE FILED WITH THE COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE PROBATE DEPARTMENT EITHER.