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Investor Benjamin Graham pioneered cutting edge concepts that propelled other top investors to fame. Explore his three main investment principles. Later his Intelligent Investor became known as the "bible of value investing". Selected Books by Benjamin Graham (in chronological order- with selected. Benjamin Graham, followed by Warren Buffett, laid down the principles of value investing. Investors should buy when the irrational Mr. Market offers a.

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Benjamin Graham was a British-born American professional investor. Graham is considered the father of value investing, an investment approach he began. Keith Ashworth-Lord's investing lessons for long-term success. He has an investment philosophy similar to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger and is a keen. The philosophy of Benjamin Graham relied on the knowledge and expertise of investors. Investors should always calculate the true value of a company by.

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Benjamin Graham was the most influential investor of all time. His work laid the foundation of modern security analysis and The Intelligent Investor is. Benjamin Graham's last line in The Intelligent Investor sums up the entire book in his trade-mark common-sense way: “ To achieve satisfactory investment results. Benjamin Graham taught an investment class at the Columbia University business school for 28 years. If you had been a student in Graham's classes during the.