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FCT Solder offers world-class solders to the SMT Manufacturing industry. We offer a variety of solder pastes, fluxes, and bar solder to the SMT industry. Solder paste is a combination of a powder made up of metal solder particles and sticky flux that has the consistency of putty. The flux not only does its. Description. Commercial Solder Paste provides the convenience of fluxing and soldering in one step. It is a mixture of fine grade alloyed solder powder and.

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Solder paste is a form of solder commonly used for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, both in mass production and for prototyping. A mix of small solder. Solder paste is a type of solder used when manufacturing PCBs to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. The paste is a mixture of small. Shop soldering paste at the Murray Percival Co, we offer lead and lead free solder paste, no clean solder paste, rosin solder paste and water soluble solder.

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dispense applications, SolderPlus® solder pastes for stencil printing, and FluxPlus™ flux pastes to customers worldwide. Our pastes are manufactured under. Our dedicated offer of solder pastes for the SMT process, combining different alloys, powder size and flux media for printing, dispensing and assemblies. Solder Paste. Superior Flux offers a full range of solder pastes for SMT reflow applications, including: conventional and low-residue No-Clean.