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Tech-Takeback allows residents to donate old tech for secure data erasure followed by re-use where tech is given a 2nd life (if feasible) with charities. We accept all computer related equipment and most any electronic device. Computers, laptops, networking, and telephone equipment, even cables and mice are a few. Computer Recycling Donations Needed · We can offer low cost computer equipment to schools, low income families, charities and start up companies · Re-using.

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What you can donate: Any brand of working or non-working computer equipment and just about any item that can be connected to a computer, such as: Monitors. www.ye-ti.ru lets you donate old laptops and computers in Singapore a new purpose, by recycling them to provide educational opportunity for underprivileged. Places to Donate Used Computers, Monitors, Printers, and TVs International Organizations—World Computer Exchange. National Organizations—Computers With Causes.

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An organization that refurbishes and ships computers nationwide to those in need. If there is a WCE Chapter near you, you can contact them directly and arrange a time to drop off your donation. Some Chapters have volunteers who can pick up. Can I donate my old computer? The simple answer is yes you can! It all starts with you and your ethical and socially responsible decision to donate your.