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Get full car and vehicle history reports from MCN so you can buy your next used car with confidence. The AA isn't responsible for any goods and services provided by third parties under licence. *HPI guarantee. If vital information is missed from the car check. Quick and accurate car history information straight to your phone. Car checks start from just £3. Text your number plate to 78 for immediate results.

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While HPI is the name of a history check company in the UK, many within the motoring industry in both Ireland and the UK refer to any vehicle history check. Experts recommend an HPI vehicle history check before you buy any used car but what is. first4vans. First 4 Vans. 6 followers. Looking for a car you want to buy or sell, do our instant HPI Car Check, free car valuation, and super quick and easy MOT.

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We offer the best HPI check alternative - better data yet cheaper! Here we explain how is Car Guide different from other vehicle checks. Olli Astley avatar. Finance Check. Don't risk buying a vehicle with outstanding finance - with finance data from industry leaders HPI™. Sample Mileage Report. Mileage Check. To get a full HPI™ Check, text the vehicle's registration number to You'll receive your report straight to your mobile instantly.