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China has been using the alloy steel sand casting process for thousands of years. The casting process is when liquid metal is poured into a mold that. The most popular form is sand casting which involves making a replica of a finished piece (or pattern) that is compressed with sand and binder additives to. Badger Alloys offers custom casting with over different sand casting materials. We have sand casting materials to meet your needs for strength.

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Our sand casting operation has multiple induction furnaces with the ability to pour up to 11, lbs. at one time. In addition, we have three large heat treat. Carbon Steel Castings. Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel castings can be make by sand casting and shell casting or investment casting process. Alloy Steel: GS-. Stainless steel sand casting involves the use of an alloy that is in high demand for a diversity of applications. Created to deliver strength, durability and.

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Sand casting is relatively cheap and sufficiently refractory even for steel foundry use. Besides the sand, we will also mix a suitable bonding agent. Sand casting process is suitable to produce steel castings with unit weight from several kgs to several hundreds of kgs. Steel casting products include Wench. Redstone Manufacturing offers sand casting services for aluminum, steel, iron, brass, and other materials and is equipped to handle specialty parts to large.